Privacy and Security Policy

At Over The Rainbow Yarn (OTR), we respect and guard your privacy. We also want everyone to be on the same page about how we gather information and what we do with it, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. This Privacy Policy is here so we all know what we’re agreeing to.


How We Gather Information And what We Do With It.

We have a brick and mortar store at:
18 School Street
Rockland, Maine 04841

When you come in the store, we may ask you your name and email address so we can track your purchases and remember for you what you got for that baby blanket you made last year and if we still have that color available, and so we can drop you a note when we have some new colors in your favorite yarn.

When you come to our on-line store, we are communicating digitally but the purpose is the same. Any information you enter into any of our forms, we expect that you are sharing this information willingly. Personally identifiable information (like your name, snail and email addresses, phone number, etc) helps our system to remember you and your history with us. You are in complete control of what you want to share with us in the first place. However, keep in mind that limiting what you tell us may limit what we can do for you (like if we don’t know your home address, we can’t very well ship your yarn, right?)

Once you have shared personally identifiable information with us, OTR will use that information for two purposes:

  1. To help you remember what you’ve already done so you can do it again (like get more of a yarn you loved in the same color to finish a project,) or so you can do something completely different (like not get more of that particular shade of pink that you already bought ten of).
  2. To help us understand you as an individual and all of our customers as a group so we can serve you better (like watching color trends, or knowing when it’s time to stock up on super chunkies).


We will never sell trade or give away your personally identifiable information outside OTR.

In order to have the information we need to serve you best, our system may automatically collect certain information when you enter our on-line store. This information may include, but is not limited to your IP address, what you’re using for a browser or an operating system, which pages of our site you visit most and when, and how long you stay there. These are things that come to us from your internet service provider. What you can and can not change about what gets sent is something you have to discuss with your provider, and is not something we can control.

OTR may also gather information about you by having our system send a specific, unique marker to yours. These are commonly referred to as “cookies.” Us giving you a cookie means our system can remember all the things you’ve done before, and fill in for you when you have to do it again (so you don’t have to hand enter all your mailing and billing information every time you order.) Some web browsers are made to say “No” to cookies. You can always change your setting to say “Yes” to cookies if you want to save yourself time and hassle. Think about it, make a choice about convenience, and look into your web browser to make your settings accordingly.

Remember that when we gather all this information, we’re only going to use it to help you in the following ways:

  • Filling your orders
  • Understanding your habits so we can anticipate your needs
  • Make changes to our on-line store (like changing layout or making it easier to find what you’re looking for)
  • Keep our stock up to date and on trend
  • Make personalized offers specific to your preferences
  • Incorporate your suggestions on how we can improve your experience
  • When you use our on-line store, we understand that you are agreeing to all that we’ve said above.

One more thing we’d like for you to know. OTR will start with an understanding that, when you communicate with us digitally by shopping in our on-line store, you are encouraging us to communicate with you digitally, as well. That means we may, from time to time, send you email notification of things we believe you’ll be interested in (special offers, rewards opportunities, notifications of events, etc). You have the opportunity to opt out of these notifications, but we’re starting with the assumption that you are opting in. That means, if you do nothing, you’ll get great communication from us and if you don’t want it, let us know.


There are a couple of situations when we will have to disclose your information for legal reasons.

  1. For legal financial reason. If we sell or merge with another company, our collection of information is considered an asset and must be shared. Currently, we have no intention of doing either, and will let you know in plenty of time (more than 30 days) if it ever becomes an issue. Likewise, in the extremely unlikely event of bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership, our bank or other creditor will have access to any collected information that is considered an asset.
  2. For compliance with legal investigations. We will, of course, cooperate with local or federal organizations to address illegal activity including but not limited to fraud, bill collection, or protecting our rights and property or those of anyone else. And in these cases, we may not give you prior warning.



OTR is compliant with all industry standard security protocols and best practices. We participate in every reasonable measure to protect you against unauthorized access or disclosure of the information you’ve shared with us. We do everything we can to keep you information accurate, and use it only to appropriately conduct our business and yours.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

OTR is always improving. With that in mind, we may, from time to time, make changes to our Privacy Policy. If and when we do, we’ll let you know.

This Privacy Policy was written in 2015 and is effective immediately.